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Deer & Dexter Barbecue Selection

Deer & Dexter Barbecue Selection





A good selection of sausage, burgers and grill-sticks, made from Venison or Dexter Beef or a mix of both. Let us know if you'd like some or all to be gluten-free suitable for coeliacs or if you don't want any pork in the mixes.
Good value, the minimum product value is £55, this meat box can be added to your choice of steaks, joints or another meat box for free delivery.

Allergy advice

The selection in this box may contain products containing wheat (GLUTEN) and preservative (SULPHUR DIOXIDE). If you want your box to be GLUTEN-FREE or SULPHITE-FREE please let us know.

The images in our online shop and weight options are indicative. Our animals are not a uniform size, and there is variation in the level of marbling and fat cover on our beef. As a result, we cannot guarantee the meat you receive will look exactly like the photograph, and sometimes it’s not possible to achieve the higher weights, particularly of steaks. You will only be charged for the weight of meat supplied.